Document retention policy
During the admissions in the first year the original certificates are verified and returned back to the student. Students need not submit any original certificates to the institution except the Transfer certificate from the institute last studied. So no certificates of the student or any other Academic documents of the students are retained with the institute



Reservation Policy
  Reservation of Seats: Reservation of seats in favour of SC/ST/BC (A, B, C, D, E) Candidates shall be made in non-minority institutions as per the following percentages. OPEN COMPETITION-50%, SC - 15 % , ST - 6 % , BC - 29% (BC 'A' - 7%, BC 'B' 10%, BC 'C' - 1%, BC 'D' - 7'%,BC 'E'-4%) Reservation of seats for NCC, Sports and Games, Physically Challenged(Handicapped) and Children of Armed Personnel Horizontal reservation in each of the reservation category - Open/SC/ST/BC to the extent of percentages mentioned is applicable.
  1. a) NCC (National Cadet Corps) : Reservation to the extent of 1% shall be available for candidates of this category. The priority for consideration will be as per GO.Ms.No.21 HE (TE-1) Dept., Dt.13-05-2002.
  1. b) SPORTS:. Reservation to the extent of 0.5% (1/2%, ) shall be available for candidates of this category. Certificates issued by various organizations constituted by Central / State Government to conduct the event will alone be considered under this category. The participation in games and sports before the qualifying Examinations will only be considered. The priority under this Category will be fixed as per the rules in vogue at the time of admissions.
  1. c) Physically Handicapped(PH): Reservation to the extent of 3% for Physically Handicapped 1% for Visually Handicaped,1% for hearing impaired, and 1% for Orthopedically Handicapped shall be available as per G.O.Ms.No.130, Higher Education (TEI) Department, Dated: 06 09 2000.However candidates with defects like Muscular dystrophy, Deaf and Dum, Blindness and mentally retardation are not eligible for admission.
  1. d) Children of Armed Personnel(CAP): Reservation to the extent of 2% of the seats shall be available for the children of ex-servicemen and defence personnel including Border Security Force and Central Reserve Police.
  Inter conversion of seats among the special reservation categories is not applicable. If sufficient numbers of candidates are not available to fill the seats reserved for special reservation category, they shall be filled with candidates of general pool of that reservation category.  
Admission Policy
  1. All candidates all eligible to compete for Open competition (OC) seats and they will be filled first followed by the seats earmarked for reservation categories. However, the seats vacated by the BC/SC/ST candidates in OC category shall be filled by the respective category candidates as per G.O.Ms.No.550 Higher Education (EC-2) dept. dated 30-07-2001.
  2. If sufficient numbers of candidates are not available to fill seats reserved for Scheduled Tribe, they may be filled by suitable candidates from Scheduled Caste and Vice-versa. If the required numbers of candidates are not available from both categories, the unfilled seats shall be added to general pool of the local area. 'Konda Kapus' and 'Konda Reddy' resident in the Scheduled areas alone shall be deemed to be 'Konda Kapus' and 'Konda Reddy' of Scheduled Tribes.
  3. If insufficient number of candidates of any particular group of Backward Classes namely, A,B,C, & D are not available to fill up seats reserves for that group, they may be filled by conversion to other BC groups as per rules in vogue in the order of merit of POLYCET RANK.
If no suitable candidate is available in any of the five groups of the backward classes then the seat may be filled up from the general pool of the same local area.